Fatherhood is a scary thing because as soon as you’ve done it you’ve messed up the kid. You’re only human and you’ll be projecting your own shit on them and putting your own expectations on them and treating them as though they’re a part of you rather than a separate entity. I am absolutely fascinated by fatherhood, though, and have been for a long time. I intend to be the perfect father. I’m sure I’ll fail miserably.


same view, different evenings

We did it three times really fast. Then it was over, just like that. We looked at each other like, Holy shit. We just did it. Any time I have a love interest in a movie, it’s my job to actually fall in love with them. While I was making this movie, I totally fell in love with Dan. - Dane DeHaan discussing his on-screen kiss with Daniel Radcliffe

August Strindberg, Packis i Straden 1892

“Allison has a mini-breakdown where she says, “I’m always terrified,” or something like that. (…) I remember that there was something going on in my personal life, at that moment, so it was nice to have that be my release. That might be too much information. It was cathartic. Acting is really therapeutic for me, personally. That’s something that I’ll always remember. I don’t know how it’s going to look, but I gave it my heart and soul.”

I seem to keep ending up with these bad boy characters.


Michael Chichi
Projections, 2013

make me choose: anonymous asked: nine and rose or eleven and amy


THE ARMS OF THE OCEANthe rise and fall of dynasties out at sea. 

01. lily’s theme - alexandre desplat. 02. arena crumbles - james newton howard. 03. a new world - harry gregson-williams. 04. swords crossed - klaus badelt. 05. the history of man - james newton howard. 06. the wickedness of man - clint mansell. 07. man versus man - john powell. 08. death favors no man - james newton howard. 09. an uncertain world - trevor morris. 10. the camp - max richter. 11. out to sea - olafur arnalds. BONUS TRACK. have you passed through this night? - explosions in the sky

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